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Mother's Day

Being these kids mom is the best thing about me.  My most favourite job is taking care of them and the thing I like to be called the most is "momma". Even when I'm called that 629 times in a day.  
I love being their Momma but there are certainly things I wish I could do better, and my shortcomings are painfully obvious to me in the wee hours of the night.  I'm disappointed in my failings and pledge to do better. I try so hard but I get tired, loose my patience and forget things because I'm imperfect. As we all are.  
Still, the unconditional love that these kids shower me with is a most precious gift that sometimes takes my breath away.  They never take stock of where I don't measure up. They accept my apologies wholeheartedly and faithfully, always giving me the grace I don't deserve but desperately need.  Their arms are open for hugs and their faces upturned for my kisses at bedtime even after I haven't given them my best that day. They don't re…

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